Soc. Responsibility

Social responsibility represents one of the primary values of JSC MFO “Crystal”.

The mission of JSC MFO Crystal is to support micro and small entrepreneurs and farmers in realizing their business potential, reaching financial stability and elevating their living standards.

Crystal seeks to establish long- term partnership with customers by offering them transparent, innovative and fast financial solutions tailored to their special needs and providing them with knowledge critical to their economic success.

Our ultimate objective is to see a growing number of successful enterprises and happy customers. That’s the reason we strive to be distinguished not only for quality of financial service, but for social focus as well. We strongly believe that sound social performance encompasses all aspects of sustainable development and it is all about impact of our business activities on customers. Thus, our business performance is based upon five key principles, which represent an integral part of our corporate culture and are actively applied in day-to-day activities.

  • Responsibility – responsible lending focused on avoiding over – indebtedness; overall social responsibility towards clients, staff, business partners, local community and the environment
  • Transparency – clients can compare costs, terms and conditions of the loan and understand consequences of a default. Crystal’s relationship with clients, staff, funders and a wider society is based on transparency, frankness and fairness.
  • Partnership – a long –term and equitable relationship with clients and funders. The cornerstone of Crystal’s approach is care towards partners and consideration of their interests.
  • Access -our product design, lending standards, distribution channels and customer interfaces are all about access. We are always accessible to our clients, business partners and each other.
  • Innovation - innovation and constant improvement is the way Crystal and its people work. We love technology and encourage creativity. Innovation is life!


While carrying out its social activities, the organization remains strongly committed to its mission, international standards and norms of conduct and thus ensures compliance of organizational activities with the best international practices in the course of achieving social goals and objectives.

Towards customers:

  • - Our agreements explicitly depict all negotiated terms and conditions.
  • - Our representatives engage in ethical behavior towards customers in line with international client protection standards.


Towards staff:

  • - We provide healthy and safe work environment for our employees  
  • - We strive towards a work environment that is based upon mutual trust and respect, with each employee feeling his/her personal responsibility for organizational output and reputation.  


Towards the public:

  • - We carry out charity activities for different vulnerable groups (children with disabilities, the elderly, IDPs, the population living in conflict zones)   
  • - We seek to focus on long-term contribution efforts.


Environmental protection (prohibitied social and ecological activities)

  • - We continuously strive to improve our impact on environment and facilitate dissemination of healthy practices 
  • - Environment clean-up campaigns.
  • - We do not finance the following socio – economic activities