Social Projects

  • Promoting professional inclusive education and social enterprise “Babale”

The project envisages establishment of a social enterprise and a center for professional inclusive education. In the studio – art saloon adults take a course in professional inclusive art training and in parallel, work at art-saloon, where wood products, different souvenirs are sold. For the first stage, the social enterprise employs two disabled persons as interns.


  • Multi-profile professional and sewing social enterprise “Tairi Design”

The project aims to promote social entrepreneurship in the region, improve professional skills among persons with disabilities, their family members and socially vulnerable people and promote their employment opportunities. 10 disabled individuals aged above 14 are taking a 9-month sewing-designing course at the multi-profile sewing social enterprise. The enterprise offers kindergartens rental services for kids’ apparel.


  • Social enterprisePeacock

The social enterprise "Peacock" aims to promote employment of people with disabilities and vulnerable groups. The enterprise is engaged in designing different types of greeting cards; products are distributed through 40 stores operating in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi and Rustavi.