Crystal is a Partner of Georgian Auto Club!

Crystal is a Partner of Georgian Auto Club!

06 October 2017

JSC MFO “Crystal” becomes a partner of LLC “Georgian Auto Club” (GAC), which implies 0% installment on GAC membership card for Crystal.

LLC “Georgian Auto Club” - GAC offers its members 24-hour technical assistance and automotive services tailored to customers’ needs throughout Georgia. Within maximum 40 minutes of the call, the technical assistance group of the Club will help you to eliminate the problem on the site or if needed, provide for evacuation of the car to relevant services.

GAC – offers services by three types of cards: Classic, Silver and Black. Cards are valid for a period of 1 (one) calendar year. 

Why GAC?

  • *Full package of car-related services;
  • *Exclusive services tailored to the comfort of the driver;
  • *fast and large-scale outreach – technical assistance sites in 11 cities throughout Georgia;
  • *24/7 – full package each day,  all around the clock;
  • *Cost-efficiency – exclusive price discounts in profile or non-profile trade or service outlets.