Meeting of Crystal Agro Club in Zugdidi!

31 October 2017


- There should be a way to save our harvest!

With these words, one of the farmers started a meeting of the Agro Club in Zugdidi.
In the current year, the nut harvest in Samegrelo (and not only) regions was almost entirely damaged by Pharosana as well as other pests. Nuts are the main source of income for the local population. Consequently, production of nuts and fight against Pharosana were the main topics covered by the participants.
Overall, 40 people attended and took an active part in the meeting.

 Although nut production has a long history in Samegrelo, cultivation-maintenance technologies, especially spraying schemes, are largely unknown to the population. Against the background of poor knowledge, farmers have to struggle against new diseases and unfavorable environmental conditions, which represent an additional challenge for them. We are organizing the agro club meetings with the purpose of changing existing approaches and enhancing the public awareness. Farmers say that in many cases we are fighting skepticism and laziness, which are not “weak” enemies.

At the end of the meeting, one of the farmers commented: “I am highly motivated. I have set goals and I am hopeful that we will manage to overcome this difficult situation.”
At the end of the week, academy of Crystal will be launched in Zugdidi, whose successful graduates will be awarded with certificates. Crystal will offer special conditions to such clients.